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Originally Posted by NutBrnHair View Post

Don't go into a party with a list of canned questions. Just enter into a conversation naturally and LISTEN to what the other person is saying. Base your next question (or comment) on something she said.

"What did you do with your time off this summer?"

"Oh, not much -- just worked and went to see my grandparents."

Next question...ask about work or where her grandparents live, etc.

Active listening is the key.
Originally Posted by Senusret I View Post
Can I just say this is great advice even for guys pursuing NPHC fraternities.
Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
Not about conversation, but Dale Carnegie advises that you wear your nametag on your right side. The reasoning is that you extend your right hand to shake hands, and it's easier to see that way.
These are also awesome tidbits. I do workshops on active listening with my students and I think it's so important for a generation of me-me-me millenials. Are cell phones prohibited from rush parties? I know some freak OUT without their phones glued to their hands or in their pockets. They legit cannot function, let alone converse without needing to Instagram whatever is nearby.

The nametag bit I learned working in HR/recruitment, and carried over to recruiting in greek life. Nametag on the right and hold any items given to you in your left, so your right hand is always free to shake hands. A woman came to my office and extended her left hand and it completely disoriented me. Do people really not know that it matters?

Lastly, YES to this info being just as important for NPHC. As members, we're actively listening and archiving in our brains how we may consider you not only as a potential member but as our sister/brother. (Not that NPC members aren't doing so during rush, just saying since NPHC interactions with potential members are more spread apart)
Do you know people? Have you interacted with them? Because this is pretty standard no-brainer stuff. -33girl
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