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Originally Posted by greekdee View Post
I had that come up last year with some Alabama PNMs. The statement that it's the sorority's responsibility to find recs was posted near the top of the websites's info section...I think some stopped reading right there, believing they had nothing to worry about. This year, it says in the first few paragraphs that it's not the PNMs responsibility to find the official rec forms alumnae use. The other comment about sororities securing recs is still in there, but tucked in much further down.
I was typing a post about that very info too. And check the instruction at the end of the page.

From the lengthy page devoted to “Letters of Recommendation” on the Bama Panhellenic site: emid=32

First sentence on page:

Recommendations/References are not required to participate in Formal Recruitment at The University of Alabama, but they are a helpul tool in introducing the potential new member to the sorority.
Please note that while potential members can seek out letters of rec; it is ultimately not the responsibility of the potential member to obtain a copy of the Recommendation/Reference Form for the alumna or collegian.
Last (next to last) sentences on page:

*Potential New Members are encouraged to obtain Recommendations/References for all the Panhellenic sororities, however in some instances this is not possible. If a Recommendation/Reference is not obtained, the PNM may send her resume, transcript and headshot photograph to the chapter PO box.
Little wonder that there is still confusion where recs are concerned (at Bama anyway) – especially among moms who are not Greek and using this “official” source of information.

***I've never noticed the "send in your own" suggestion before. Perhaps it has been there in the past, but I never noticed it. And I don't know of any PNMs who have done that.

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