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Originally Posted by angels&angles View Post
To be fair, the only girls I really judge are the ones who come HERE and talk about which chapters they want, because those girls literally have the answers at their fingertips and ignore everything.

However, my freshman year, I fell in love with a group of girls who were rushing me hardcore and then told everyone I knew that I "wanted to be an XYZ." Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. My second night of rush, everyone but XYZ dropped me. (What did I think was going to happen? [Obviously, I thought everyone was going to looooooooove me and I would get to choose which group I wanted to join]). It worked out in the end, as I joined XYZ. It was my dream chapter, even though it was lowest on the totem pole at the time, and I loved every minute of it.

But I was so, so, so clueless.
I don't think my daughter was quite this overt, but I absolutely think the "word was out" on her and Pi Phi.

Also, A LOT of fraternity guys were fishing for information in December and via FB over break. There was a lot of "so, which chapter do you like best?" and "I heard that XYZ and DEF really like you. What's your favorite?" I told my daughter, probably too late, to evade these questions, because this appeared to be serious fishing in the guise of casual conversation. I had every reason to believe this info was going right back to their sorority friends.

Originally Posted by carnation View Post
I've seen dozens of recruitment brochures and websites over the years that seemed to suggest that the PNM was in the driver's seat, that she would be doing the choosing. Some of these were even from highly competitive schools!

A lot of PNMs buy into this and are horribly shocked when they get first returns. I don't understand why anyone would advertise her choices, though, whether she was basically clueless about rush or very sophisticated. I have to wonder if some of these girl hope that their choices' members will see their posts and be flattered.
I agree...I think those brochures are trying to downplay the "exclusivity" reputation that goes along with recruitment. In many cases, that's false advertising.
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