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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
Yeah, I was under the "you can go to any school you want but the only one I'm paying for is Alabama" rule....
That's what my dad said to me about Michigan. (actually, he said he'd only pay for the application fee to Michigan, but since he paid for my tuition when I transferred to Maryland, I guess he got over it)

I have to say that my daughter had a preconceived "favorite" last fall that stayed the same right through January recruitment, and that's where she joined. In her case, her favorite was based on women she met during the through common clubs/activities, and where she thought she'd best fit; it was not based on tiers. I confess I actually considered ordering some Pi Phi items during the Lily Pulitzer half-off sale the week before her recruitment, but I refrained. Missed that deal...but I didn't want to jinx it.

Winter recruitment is a different animal, though. In her case, girls had to make an effort to get to know sorority members during the fall...recruitment was a 4 month process. By the time formal recruitment week rolled around in January, she had a good idea about where she'd made connections, and where she hadn't.
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