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Originally Posted by pshsx1 View Post
FWIW, I know that fraternity recruitment is way different than formal sorority recruitment. Keep in mind, though, there are plenty of schools, like my own, where formal recruitment does not exist which is why I still use the term "Rush." Also, a random PNM who stumbled on this board may have absolutely no idea that there is a difference.

Also, to elaborate, I told an NPHC org that I was rushing SigEp. So, had I not gotten a bid from SPE, I instantly ruined some of my chances.

But nonetheless, my post was not at all in regards to how mush "easier" or different fraternity recruitment is or anything along those lines. I was just pointing out that the posts calling PNMs stupid were uncalled for. Ignorant? Sure.

How much knowledge does it take to know that there is nothing to be gained by being rude and insulting, which is what announcing you are not interested in a group which is hosting you for an event, formal or informal, is?
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