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Originally Posted by adpiucf View Post
With respect, some of us are first generation college students and had literally no advisement from family or guidance counselors. In the pre-internet era, I was on my own. Today, I would have probably been able to go online and see the "norm." Back, then I applied to 3 random in-state schools and chose the one where I didn't know anyone. Don't recommend picking a school at that basis, but I didn't know any better when I was 17 and no one I talked to about it-- parents, teachers, friends-- advised me any differently.

Similarly, I had no idea what rush was or what a sorority was, and I was completely turned off by the Minnie Mouse-voiced bimbo preaching about Greek Life at my freshman orientation. It wasn't until I met Greeks in my classes that I thought this could be something for me and I rushed the following year (with certain biases and stereotypes in mind, but, thankfully, no Facebook to broadcast those thoughts to).
Pre-internet, that's completely understandable. And even for first-gen college students nowadays, if you live in a bubble entirely comprised of people who never went to college it can be really hard to figure out the ins and outs of such a complicated process. I was imagining more the affluent, suburban, white-bread kids I grew up with who had the resources and should have known better but for whatever reason decided not to hedge their bets. If a PNM can google how rush works then a reasonably intelligent teenager should be able to google school costs and acceptance rates.
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