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Slight hijack, but I don't understand why people would only apply to one or two colleges and not give themselves some backup. My boyfriend applied to only Clemson and Georgia Tech, and while he was accepted to both if he hadn't gotten into either he would have been up a creek without a paddle as far as starting higher education at a four-year university in the fall. Same goes for anyone who decides to apply to only reach/financially unattainable schools. I had a cousin that got rejected from everywhere except one school that he outright could not afford, so he ended up coming home after one semester. It just boggles my mind that anyone would think not having an affordable safety school as a last-resort backup is a good idea.


Also, FWIW, I'm in both the Class of 2017 and the Girls' Roommate Search groups on Facebook for Clemson and nobody has said so far that they are rushing for any specific group. I'd like to think this means nobody is saying that, but in reality they're probably just making it their status instead of posting in the group. Still, I can dream.
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