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Originally Posted by lake View Post
Not to hijack this thread, but I would LOVE to hear stories of this actually happening. That's almost as intriguing (and baffling) to me as someone who transfers schools because they didn't get the sorority they wanted at their original school. Crazy!
Which true story do you want ?
1. I initially applied to one university because I liked the brochure. I was a national merit scholar and got TONS of brochures, but this one was particularly nice. When I didn't get into DREAM school, I went to Nice Brochure U planning on transferring. Joined a sorority, stayed and graduated.

2. More than once (here in Mordor - somewhere south of the Plateau of Gorgoroth)- I have known a girl - dying to get XYZ, gets UVW on bid day instead, depledges then transfers for a do-over. (This has also happened with a sophomore who thought she knew everyone in the chapter and XYZ loved her.)

3. Little Lucy Legacy puts all over her Facebook before recruitment how she can't wait to be an ABC because her big sisters friends are all so awesome. Goes all the way through recruitment telling ABC how much she loves them and how fantastic they are - pref night chooses XYZ. XYZ thinks this is funny. Big sisters friends in ABC not pleased. Tells ABCs "but I knew we would all still be friends anyway!" They are not.

4. Finally - one of the awesome officers I have advised, made her final tough decision pref night because she liked our colors better.
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