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The summer before my son started college, he joined the Facebook group, "Samford class of 2012". There was a thread for people looking to find roommates, and one of the students had uploaded a questionnaire that asked among other things, whether the student was going to rush or not. The majority of the girls who filled out the questionnaire also spilled their guts on which sorority(ies) they were interested in. My daughter (going in to her junior year at Samford-and a sorority member) and I got a big kick out of the unyielding certainty that so many of the PNMs showed, that ABC or DEF was the place for them. There were even a few who said "any group but KLM". The funniest thing was that of the girls who completed recruitment, 9 times out of 10 the PNMs did not join the group they thought they were destined to and some who had said any group but "X", joined X.
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