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And even when I had members actively recruiting me and I knew that I definitely wanted a bid from the sisters who showed the most interest in me, I never made it a point to publicly announce that "I so want to be an AST!"
Yes, I'm quoting myself.. simply to say that part of the reason why I think I was so hesitant to announce my hopes and dreams to the world is because I was also aware of the possibility of rejection. As we've said many times here before, there are PNMs going through recruitment who have never had the experience of someone telling them, "Sorry, you didn't make it," or "No, you can't do this," or "It's unfortunate, but you're not going to be able to participate in that." Some PNMs are expecting to get a bid from a particular chapter, regardless of whether or not they know how the process works. They've always received what they wanted in the past, so why should anything change when they get to college?
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