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IMO, it's crazy that girls open their mouths at all about which particular chapters they want to join (aside from telling their close friends and family).. especially before arriving at school. I will admit that when I had my first tiny inkling of wanting to join, I had a chapter or two in mind for partially superficial reasons (e.g. colors, letters, history, etc.), but at that point I was already at school, I had met some of the members, and I wasn't truly serious about going through recruitment. And even when I had members actively recruiting me and I knew that I definitely wanted a bid from the sisters who showed the most interest in me, I never made it a point to publicly announce that "I so want to be an AST!"

(And essentially, without realizing it at the time, I learned that meeting the members and learning what they were all about was the most important thing about recruitment, and about finding out where I truly fit in)

I'm sure there were girls before the internet age that were more than willing to spill the beans, but it bears repeating that you should keep quiet and that social media is a..

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