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Originally Posted by Low C Sharp View Post
Not to excuse any of this behavior, but most PNMs just survived college admissions, where it is A-OK to declare a favorite publicly. In fact, for the best odds, you are supposed to commit yourself "early decision" to Whassamatta U. It's normal to spend senior year discussing first choices, safeties, etc., and for the most part, kids don't get rejected at Auburn because Auburn found out that the real first choice was UGA. Maybe they are generalizing from that.
I actually remember an admissions officer at I think U of Delaware telling us that it's okay to reuse a college application essay as long as you make sure to change the name of the school you write in at the bottom so it doesn't get sent in to Delaware with the ending "...and that's why I want to go to the University of Maryland." As someone who was applying to both of those schools at the time that stuck with me.

I think misinformation is actually a big part of the "rushing for" mentality that people are seeing. I know the Clemson Panhellenic FAQ doesn't address how rush actually works beyond a perfunctory explanation of conversing with sisters. If I was a hypothetical PNM entering school with no friends or family in Greek Life I could easily see why it wouldn't be a big deal to post which group you want to join online. The power imbalance that exists in formal recruitment-PNMs rank, but chapters are the only ones who can cut-isn't really highlighted either, which leaves girls thinking they have a lot more say in which groups they return to than they do.

In sum, I apologize for my cohort of teenage girls broadcasting their most likely misinformed opinions to the world for everyone to read and remember come recruitment, but keep in mind that we do not always make the best decisions at this age.
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