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Thumbs down "I'm rushing 'for' a certain chapter"

What is with all these girls lately who say they're "rushing for" a certain chapter"? I see it all over Facebook and PNMs even tell me that in person. Most whom I personally know haven't even met the members, they just like the webpage or the rumors or the colors.

Folks, that's not how NPC sorority recruitment works. Even if you do know some of the members of a certain group, nobody can guarantee that you'll get a bid; they know a lot of other girls too. The way it works at competitive schools is that you go to the parties and it's pretty much in the hands of the members from there on out, even if you're a legacy.

Also, if members see you announcing on FB that you will only accept bids from Awesome Alpha or Bodacious Beta, you are likely dead in the water. Please take notice!
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