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NextYearSC makes a good point. Another thing is even if you have a family member familiar with the system, they might not be familiar with the way things work at your school. For example, when I decided I wanted to rush, the only greek person in my family went greek at a very small, private school with no football team, 6 sororities and only a small number of girls going through recruitment. Said family member told me I didn't need to get my own recs because at their school the sororities really did get a rec for every girl rushing witout issue. It wasn't until late June that I knew I would need to get my own for the 17 chapters at my SEC school. I think it's good (and sometimes vital) for the PNM to do their own research specific to their school, even if they have someone greek helping them out. If you're going to rush, do your own homework. If you copy someone else's it might not always be right.

That being said the information they find on their own would need to be accurate. It's kind of a big circle if you think about it.
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