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Originally Posted by applesauce View Post
I also canít help but feel like I wasnít a carefully chosen member
You weren't. Nobody was. If you were, it really WOULD be recruitment. But with formal rush, it's a matter of who comes through your door. #whynewtermsarestupid

Stick those letters in everyone's face, tell everyone who doesn't dig it to bite your left one, be super sociable on campus and encourage others to do so (including already initiated sisters). And as to why you weren't asked back "when you felt a strong connection"? Have you ever met a guy who makes every girl he talks to feel like the most desirable woman ever? That is what these sororities that you thought you "connected" with are adept at doing, only in a girl-way. Something that grows over time may prove to be far more REAL than that "love at first sight" feeling.
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