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As others have said, it's all about attitude. If someone looks down on you because of the sorority you're in, that's their problem, not yours. Show people that it doesn't bother you and wear your letters proudly.

The interesting thing about socially awkward members (yes, my chapter had a few - I'm sure every chapter does at one time or another) is that a lot of times, the sorority brings them out of their shells and they can end up being your most talkative, outgoing, socially-active sisters. They, like you, are probably just hoping that someone is willing to be their friend.

If you find youself "stuck" in a position where you're surrounded by members of another sorority, just try and talk to them. Ask them questions. Be friendly. But also understand that they're all sisters. It's tough being the outsider, and I'm sure it was also a little awkward for them. Realize also that these types of situations are going to arise outside of college/sorority membership. I once walked into a big work event a little late and had to take a seat at a table where I knew absolutely no one, but everyone else knew at least one other person at the table. I started out by introducing myself and asking what everyone's position was in the company. From there, a conversation just.. happened. It usually doesn't take much.

This entire situation can provide you with so many life lessons and experiences which you can carry over into the "real world." You seem very receptive to our advice (which is always refreshing!) so I trust that you'll stick it out for at least a little longer and give your new sisters a chance. Just don't let others' opinions of your chapter get you down.

And try not to focus on why the other sorority didn't select you for membership, and focus more on why your sorority did. They didn't just take you because they had to fill spots. They chose you because they saw something in you that would add positively to their chapter. Revel in that.
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