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[QUOTE=ellebud;2179020] It is now a fraternity. Are they taking care of the wood paneling? Where did all the books and pictures go? Sad...

I've posted my chapter story, but Ellebud's message reminds me of another.

DH and I went to his 50th reunion at Bowdoin in May. Bowdoin closed all the fraternities unilaterally about 10 years ago. As I understand it, the college has long-term leases on the houses which respective house corporations still own. The houses have been remodeled for different uses (students with common majors in the living quarters, conference space in the public areas), updated kitchens and bathrooms, ADA accessible. BUT evidence of the former fraternities is obvious. The class of '62 reunion headquarters was the Zeta Psi house -- the lounge had all the Zete plaques on the walls, old composites, etc. We went into the AD house chapter room (yikes -- painted dark green, no windows, but the dais from which DH presided when he was president is still there. "No windows?" I said. "Yep," he replied. That must have made for short chapter meetings. But he wouldn't tell me the secret work...). The bar in the AD rec room was still AD-themed, and there was a large coat of arms painted on the wall in the entry.

I suppose Bowdoin will continue to house the fraternity heritage until all those alumni are gone so as not to jeopardize donations to the college endowment! (The class of '62 alone (198 still living out of 224 who matriculated) has given/pledged $7.2 million for their anniversary year.)
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