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Originally Posted by Mevara View Post
Isn't this what happens at the SRC? They are so good at making everyone feel welcomed but still have to cut PNMs.
Right, because, in theory, they have a much larger number of good rushers. Again, I don't think you should write off top women thinking "we'll never get her", but if you are a WRC, maybe you don't have to make any cuts after first round, or at least, you have enough invitations to invite everyone who makes grades. Now, pretend you had to make cuts. Would you cut from the top? Or cut from the bottom? Or a little of both?

Personally, I think there are plenty of "awesome PNM's" who are viewed as such because they are attractive, trendy, out-going, etc., as opposed to "medium PNM's" who are maybe not as cute, but would make good leaders, have good grades, etc. Active sisters get caught up in wanting the former, the same way PNM's want the chapter that is full of beauty queens. But if you can rush the hell out of the medium PNM's, you can have a great pledge class.
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