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When priorities have to be made, you do have to decide (like it or not) to give up on somebody. If you have 50 girls on the rush floor and 60 rushees at a party, and we all understand that double rushing is almost a guaranteed loss of both girls (if they have a choice), you have to decide who you're going to lose. I'm not saying put your WORST rusher on the BEST rushee. But put your best rushers on the biggest part of the bell curve. then the C rushers with the A rushees. And the F rushers with the F rushees.

But I think the part of this equation that may not be happening is knowing who your A rushers are and who your F rushers are. If you don't know this, the whole discussion is moot. And hopefully with some good rush prep and some real motivation, you can turn a C rusher into a B rusher and an F into a C because obviously you don't want any F rushers on the floor.

Changing subject a bit, what do you think of having every rusher prepared with a topic of discussion, pre-determined by each rush team? I did this in my team because a problem we had was everyone in the chapter talking about the same 1 huge point of pride for us. It was something every member was very comfortable talking about but it became ridiculous REALLY fast. So in my group, one talked about academics, one sports, one pop culture, one leadership (all examples). If we stuck to our topic we didn't repeat each other. Or is this too staged?
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