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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
I think that it not only messes up your returns, but breaks girls' hearts. I can't tell you how many times I'd see a sister SO excited about someone she rushed, only for that girl not to be on our list.
Oh yes.

I really wish I could be super honest with the collegians I work with about the unrealistic expectations they have for certain girls to join.

I'm sorry, but Super Cute Suzie has a sister in one Super Strong Chapter and a best friend in another. As much as you squeal "Omg, she's soooo cute! I want her to be my little soooo bad" she's not going to be. In fact, while you were thinking that, she was probably dropping your chapter. She should not be the focus of your recruiting efforts (single rushed, president intro, etc.)

Meanwhile Regular Renee, who knows no one in Greek Life, but is very excited about Greek Life, just got the double rusher treatment with the most quiet girl in your whole chapter.
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