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Originally Posted by Low C Sharp View Post
You're right, but I think that's a big if. RXs are young and the rules are complex, so they may often get things wrong. But students are geniuses at half-hearing, getting a message backwards, etc. Anyone who works in student services will tell you that the single biggest challenge is just getting students to absorb instructions. With rush, throw in that these are new freshmen, it's a nerve-wracking situation, and they're in an artificial social structure that doesn't have any parallel elsewhere in life. I would expect a LOT of mis-hearing and tangling of information inside the PNMs' heads under those circumstances, even when the RXs are explaining it well.
No doubt. I think that the advice "to trust your recruitment counselor" is still a little complicated since in some ways, we might as well say, trust what you believe that your RC has told you even though you completely misunderstood.

I do think that most RC are probably good, informed, caring folks, and a PNM would be better off with RC advice than that of a lot of other sources they'd be likely to consult.
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