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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Quit listening to all those people who say "look around at the girls at pref, those are the girls who will be in your pledge class and who will be your closest sisters!"

Your sorority is NOT just the girls in your pledge class, unless you choose to be very lazy and make it so. This is especially true of smaller chapters. In a chapter under 80 or so, your pledge class doesn't mean squat in the long run, after your pledgeship is over. Look at them, yes, but don't let either awesome or sucky rushees standing next to you at pref make your decision for you.

I think this bad advice is what makes people come on here all freaked out that they aren't bonding with their class.
This is very true. Example: I'm friends with the women I pledged with, but my college best friend and house roomie is in the class 2 years before me. I also continue to be best friends with my Little Sis who pledged the semester before I graduated (and is 2 years younger than me.) So your class doesn't always determine who your friends are.
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