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My 2 cents...

I promise your social life won't be ruined if you don't get "top" house! Even the houses which aren't considered "best" on campus still have an active social life, participate in Greek events, have formals, etc and you will still meet more people on campus than if you didn't join (usually).

At my school it's very common for certain sororities to always have events with the same fraternities, as I'm sure happens across the country at other universities. Don't judge a sisterhood on a brotherhood. Your promise is forever and you won't know 99.9% of the guys you meet in college 10 - 20 years down the road. If you know one, you're probably married to him. If you know 2, it's probably your husband and the best man in your wedding.

Remember everyone is human. The sisters in every house are just like you and also joined to meet new people. They have their own talents and abilities, cherish them.

Just because you joined ABC, doesn't mean you will only ever be friends with ABC sisters. It's more than ok, it's encouraged, to meet sisters in other organizations including the house which dropped you. Along those same lines, if your rude to everyone in a particular house during recruitment they will remember that even when you join another organization. Is that how you want to start out your college experience?
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