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Originally Posted by Cheerio View Post
Mine was extremely helpful. But that was back in the day...

Perhaps all incoming freshman women should be told, "We've done away with RCs, they never know what they're doing anyway. Go read Greekchat, those people are awesome and knowledgeable. You'll do fine."
Can you imagine what that would lead to?

My RC was very helpful too. Most probably are.

But if the people posting here are accurately reporting what they were told, there are a bunch of campuses not following NPC guidelines and/or a significant number of RCs who give people wrong advice about how bid matching works, the consequences of ISP (is it Intentional Single Preference or Single Intentional Preference SIP for "suiciding" these days?) or the conditions under which you're eligible for COB or snap bids.

Fortunately, I think a relatively small percentage of PNMs are ever affected negatively. But you would have no way of knowing if you were one of them until after you listed a chapter you didn't want on your bid card because you'd been told that maximizing your options gave you a better shot at your top group. Ugh.
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