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I think this is where recruitment strength and realistic expectations from both sides needs consideration. Instead of putting that top rusher on that most sought after girl, put her with the girl you think has the strongest chance of being a great fit but maybe not the most prestigious girl walking through the door. Or put in a numbers structure, assuming 100 rushers and 100 rushees, put the #1 rusher with the #25 rushee and put your #25 rusher with your #1 rushee. You still want that dream rushee to have a positive experience, since you never know how the rest of her rush is going

I'd say the same thing about double rushing. Pick out a couple girls from each party who are realistic "gets" who you would also be really happy with, and rush them solo. Double up the top and bottom rushees.

I'd love to know if any of these tactics get used this fall and how it turns out.
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