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Originally Posted by redlady2 View Post
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I had another thought on recruitment strategies for WRCs. I mentioned upthread that my chapter was on the weaker half of recruiting strength on campus. DeltaBetaBaby's initial post supposed a ranking of PNMS 1-100. (Of course, you can't do a linear ranking because one chapters #1-10 will be different than anothers, but I get the overall point.)

Within each chapter, there are also women of different recruiting ability. You could take our 100 recruiting sisters and put them on a scale as well. Round One was always random as far as pairing for the most part, but then we'd aim to pair our top rushers with our top PNMs in future rounds. Makes sense, right?

In thinking about it, that may not have been the best strategy. Most of the women we'd put with our top rushers were also still attending parties at the strongest chapters, and were likely to go there no matter how strong our strongest recruiters did. Instead of putting our strongest recruiters with the girls who were the strongest women we had a realistic chance at getting (Say, on that 1-100 scale, the women in the 30-60 range), we'd put them with those 10-29 range girls who came back Round 2 but were likely to decline our Round 3 invitation.

It would inevitably come to pass that on bid day, our strongest recruiters would check the bid lists for their "rush crushes" that they'd preffed only to find they had joined one of the SRCs on campus. If we instead had focused our top recruiting talent on our top realistic recruitment prospects, perhaps we'd have gotten more of them to choose us. Just a thought...
Oh, this is very interesting; thanks for bringing it up!

Even if the first round is random, I think most chapters put their best rushers at the front of the line to pick up women at the door. I would also make the assumption that the most desirable PNM's are closest to the front of the line coming in***. So, by default, you are going to put the best rushers with the most desirable PNM's, when perhaps that will work against you.

***I know this is a pretty big assumption, but I think generally the most confident, outgoing women will find their way to the front.

That said, I also think that many WRC's don't truly know who their best recruiters are. My partner and I, sophomore year, had some of the best return rates, along with another pair that I would call a little bit, um, "bookish". I don't think anyone expected that, as compared to the women that most would consider more traditionally popular.
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