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Originally Posted by Greek_or_Geek? View Post
I feel like it would help a lot if schools did a better job at explaining the sororities' role in creating their invite list long before they rank for the first time. They need an honest tough talk about how they probably won't get everything they want back rather than the rah-rah mutual selection PC stuff many schools give them. This could be one way to soften those horrible horrible first and second round cuts most PNMs will experience. I truly feel that in the name of political correctness that we set their expectations too high.
Agreed completely!! I really hate how Panhellenic sugar coats things to the PNMs about the whole mutual selection thing. The phrase "mutual selection" is also very VERY misleading! I would know from experience. I know if I was a Rho Gamma/Pi Chi/Rho Chi/whatever you want to call it, I would straight up be honest with my group of girls and fully explain the term. I also feel like recruitment counselors don't give advice to PNMs on do's and don'ts of recruitment. It would be so beneficial to the girls! After going through formal recruitment twice, mine never gave the real truth about recruitment nor did they give tips for everyone in the group to hear. Don't get me wrong...I love love loved my rho gammas!! They did give good advice one on one, but I wish they had given tips for everyone.
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