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a young friend of mine had a less than stellar recruitment(her opinion) at a very competitive school, but she did receive a bid and accepted it. when i heard from her mother, she said that daughter was going to give it a try, but was not sure that daughter would stay with it. i invited her mom and her to come over to greekchat and read this thread. i hope they did.

thank you all for posting your own experiences. i know if my young friend reads them, it will give her the boost she needs.
I wanted to update on my young friend, another young woman who excelled at everything she attempted until she went thru recruitment. She went over to her sorority house a couple of times following receiving her bid during formal recruitment before she decided to drop. Her sorority was gracious about it and told her that they would hold her bid for her, should she change her mind. Friend got involved in several campus activities, but she felt that something was missing and in the spring she returned to the sorority with an entirely different attitude. They welcomed her with open arms and she appreciated the sisterhood they were offering her for a 2nd time. She was initiated in the spring,and is so glad that she had a 2nd chance.

PNMs, not everyone will be so lucky as my friend. If you are unsure, give it more than a week before you make your decision. Things turned out alright for my friend, but once someone turns down a bid, they might be kissing their only chance at sorority membership goodbye.
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