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One of my rec girls got her second choice last year. She went through recruitment at Ole Miss, and I don't think it can get anymore competitive. Even so, everyone (even those who know and are very realistic about ultra-competitive schools) expected this girl to get her first choice. Why? Because she always has. She's one of "those girls" that everything always works out for. I don't believe she had ever experienced any significant disappointments until Ole Miss Bid Day 2011.

And disappointed she was. She even considered declining the bid. But then -- she decided to trust the process. She went to her Bid Day party...and never looked back. She was one the happiest pledges I've ever known, and is now one of the happiest actives. She can't imagine being anywhere else and is so glad that things turned out like they did.

Often times, you discover that second choice was number one all along.
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