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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
Still no.

If you rank (for example) Theta #1 and Kappa #2, you could very likely get a bid to Kappa. Which means you're not "getting your choice based on your options."

The computer program is set up to try and match the PNM with first choice, but it moves on if #1 isn't available. So as much as you may "want your choice" of Theta, you're not going to get it.
It seems like some of y'all may not be following Splash's example.

Originally Posted by Splash View Post
If both preference chapters want her for sure, she gets her pick.
“For sure” here does not mean “we want her after and only if we do not get the other girls ranked above her first”. “For sure” means they want her absolutely and will do what they can to maximize the chapter’s possibility of her receiving a bid from them. The only way I know that a chapter could maximize that option/possibility is to put the PNM on the chapter's first bid list and hope she has them ranked first.

So to use the above example, if the PNM ranked Theta #1 and Kappa #2, and both chapters want her "for sure”, then the PNM will be on both chapters' 1st bid list. Thus the PNM will receive a bid from her first choice, in this example, Theta.
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