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Originally Posted by OneHeartOneWay View Post
Not to speak for KSU, but I *think* what she means is that there are different levels of "wanting." A chapter might want Awesome Alex, but want the other 99 women on their Bid List more. Even though Awesome Alex puts them first, they fill before getting to her so she matches with the other chapter who has her on their first Bid List. If that's not what KSU meant, then it's just me saying that!

But, yes, in the scenario you put out where Awesome Alex is on the first bid list of both chapters, then Awesome Alex is picking from the chapters that want her.
Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
^^^That's true.

I was just more reiterating that it's not always true that you'll wind up with "first" pick.

There are some 1:1 matches in recruitment bid matching, and that's great. It was more to point out that that's not going to happen for everyone. Her statement was a little too "blanket" and I wouldn't want a PNM to mistake it for something that always happens.
Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

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