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Originally Posted by Splash View Post
The PNM has the first choice of all the chapters who want her.

If every chapter wants her, she gets her first pick of all of them.
If only 2 chapters want her, she gets her pick of those two.
Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
No. Not really.
Maybe I'm overstating what Splash said, but I thought that was how it worked? Example:

During the party rounds, Awesome PNM Alex gets invited back to many groups. Because more chapters want Alex than there are parties for that day, she goes back to the chapters she ranked higher (or regrets chapters, depending on the system).

Alex prefs at the maximum two chapters, and ends up on the first bid list of both. Where she ends up then depends on which one she ranked first after pref.

Or is that not what Splash said and I'm confusing myself?

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