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I think DBB's and ACHIOhSnap's comments should really be taken to heart by rushees this fall. You don't want to undervalue yourself, but really think critically about where you fit and make your choices accordingly. Or split the difference and keep 1 dream chapter and move 1 to your ranked list. Just like in the college search, keeping a couple "safeties" in your back pocket is a good idea. Not very many girls go through with an invite list that matches their ranks exactly and you don't want to be that girl who ranks herself right out of any choices. And it absolutely happens. I feel like if you rank them in order of best to least FIT and not best to least social status, you may have a better outcome.

Depending on how competitive the school and chapter are and how rigorous RFM, some may really only be doing grade cuts after round 1 (or close to it), then BOOM, they cut you after round 2 when they have to start being more critical to narrow down their lists. That's just an example scenario, but the point is you might be thinking you're having a much better rush after round 1 than you actually are, without any change in your behavior.

Good luck to all. It's right around the corner!
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