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Originally Posted by LAblondeGPhi View Post
I think bringing in another chapter to help a WRC is better than double- or triple-rushing, but it's not exactly going to fly under the radar with all the PNMs. They'll figure it out, and those who didn't will hear it from the other girls.

Ideally, you'd sandwich WRC members with visiting members in rotation so that the PNMs get to talk to members of the WRC, but don't have to be double/triple rushed. In that scenario, it's a win-win. Even better is if the chapters have some kind of relationship to one another, and the visiting chapter members are prepped appropriately on the campus culture and specific activities the WRC plans and participates in (this doesn't always happen!)

Best case scenario is that the PNM doesn't think too much of it and gets to meet at least one or two members of the actual chapter, and has a better experience at that party than she would have otherwise. Worst case scenario is that the PNM didn't get a chance to meet anyone from the chapter, and is either duped into liking women who she'll never see again or she's completely turned off; or that the PNM figures out toward the end of the party that she's been talking to visiting sisters and feels betrayed/duped.
YES. Not a fan of this for those exact reasons.

I know that there have been GC PNMs who posted about feeling duped by a chapter when they ended up really liking certain women, then finding out (thank goodness before pref) that these women were from a totally different school.

Generally speaking, when a PNM gets a bid to a chapter, she is going to excitedly look for the woman who preffed her at bid day. How upsetting would it be for someone to be all "YAY I got a bid to XYZ and look for the woman who preffed her, only to realize that she's not there? Boo.
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