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Sorry to temporarily derail...

Originally Posted by AlphaFrog View Post
The visiting chapter reminds me of me being disappointed that the girl I put as my #1 choice for Big Sis was actually an advisor (she was a grad student, and young looking) who wasn't even an ASA. You can understand my confusion though since she lived in the house and went to more events than most of the collegiate sisters. I think I was more upset that the NM Ed person didn't bother to tell me anything, though, and it took me wondering where she was at initiation to find out. I think she eventually AIed, though.
This TOTALLY reminds me of Pref...I went to pref with ABC and XYZ who were both my legacy chapters (and a third that doesn't matter to this story). At XYZ, I had really hit it off all week with a girl who was just FUN - loved her and she made me want XYZ more each day. Could totally see her as my big sis, and I think that she even hinted around about that being a possibility. Well, in the end, I was bawling at Pref, told my "friend" at XYZ that I was going ABC and thanked her for such a good week. She was very gracious and told me it was OK & that she understood.

3 weeks later, I ran into her at a football game and she told me she went inactive/alumna status right after rush was over! She'd been planning to do it all along...

I would have been SO pissed not to see her on Bid Day and beyond - she was basically the only person I'd gotten to know really well!!!
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