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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
Also, it's been known to happen that the CPH has allowed members from other chapters - or young alums - to be on the floor helping recruit at some WRC's. It's worked beautifully for us at a couple of places that I know about.
Originally Posted by dgdramadawg View Post
You took the words right out of my mouth, Titchou! Even just using alumnae in the back rooms (plating food, pouring water, etc.) can free up the collegians to focus on recruiting.
I know that most of the PNMs on here who experienced it said that if they had to choose between WRCs who used members from other schools or those who double/triple rushed - while neither is ideal, they overwhelmingly chose the latter. It's hard to get a feel for a chapter if the only person you talk to isn't part of that chapter, and for better or worse, that is the way NPC gains members - through personal contact.

If you MUST use members of other chapters, unless the two chapters have somewhat of a relationship with each other and these will be women the PNMs will encounter again, I would confine them to back room duties or to initally greeting PNMs, and be very clear on their nametags who they are. It's easy for a PNM to feel misled otherwise.

Young alums (young = under 25) who are going to be still visiting the chapter a lot are another story.
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