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There are different styles of conversation during recruitment. A lot of it depends on the campus and/or the chapter. It is difficult to take 2 or more women at the door and have quality conversations with them. If you are used to a certain style of recruitment (bring them in, sit them down and chat while a few people rotate by and introduce themselves) then that's going to be tough - esp at pref where you are trying to have a "meaningful" personal conversation. It can be done but it certainly isn't easy. There are other methods of moving PNMs about the room. Without telling all our secrets so the PNMs know "how" we do it, chapters need to investigate these different methods. It often will make a difference.

Also, it's been known to happen that the CPH has allowed members from other chapters - or young alums - to be on the floor helping recruit at some WRC's. It's worked beautifully for us at a couple of places that I know about.
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