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Originally Posted by LAblondeGPhi View Post
YES! I think the single most inhibiting factor for WRCs is the double/triple rushing. There's just no way that you can have the same quality of conversation with a PNM compared to what stronger chapters are doing. Even if the PNM doesn't equate double rushing with "this must be the smaller chapter", it's still a much less positive experience.
Something that's been mentioned on here is having group conversations at all times - i.e. 2 sisters and 4 or 5 PNMs. IMO, this is what EVERYONE should use, including the groups that have enough sisters to go around. How many times have we heard "I didn't click with my rusher today" on here, and it caused a PNM to rank a chapter she had LOVED the day before at the bottom of her list? Maybe on paper, you guys would be BFFs, and maybe under normal circumstances you would love her, but if you walked in on your boyfriend spanking it to goat porn 5 hours previous, it doesn't matter how ideal the rushee is. Not fair to rushees, or rushers.
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