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As stated earlier in this thread, I think it is all about education and how it is served up. I think there is a lot of confusion because these women are not told in detail how it works. Recruitment, for the most part, is still shrouded in mystery on BOTH sides. Every year we try to educate our women on what really happens but there are still all kinds of misconceptions and weird ideas that the Chapter gets about how recruitment invitation lists work.

The perfect PNM that has the perfect recruitment does get to "cut" chapters because every chapter is giving her an invite. These are the girls that are having perfect recruitments. The rest of the PNM's have to make decisions based on the invites they have received for that day. Like it has been said on here many times before "treat this day as the first day and these are the ONLY chapters on this campus" I think that is the best advice to give.
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