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I'm so glad you started this thread, DBB. I have long thought about this as a strategy that in my mind would definitely benefit the WRC, but I never put in the work to really think through an example.

The way I have always thought about it, you would take this gamble only on day one and remove the PNMs that no one else wants and that give you the reputation of taking "anyone". After that, you would go back to maximizing your list for the rest of the days of RFM. The risk is you are now competing with stronger recruiting chapters for the same PNMs, so you will have to convince them to stick with your chapter rather than drop out.

As an added bonus, I think it starts to counter some of that argument that you take everyone and builds your chapter's morale while it makes the Greek community stronger (caveat: I do not believe that there is a place for everyone in the Greek community).

ETA: One thing that has to be factored in is the group of PNMs that drop out when they don't get invited back to their favorites. I would hazard to say the biggest drop outs occur at the 40 - 60 range in your example, not 1 - 20. That's the one thing I can't figure out. Will this large cut and them dropping lead to a total pool of only 60 PNMs instead of 100? If so, Chapter 4 would get 100-85, Chapter 3 85-71, Chapter 2 70-61 and 40-36 and Chapter 1 35-20.

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