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I think this is a fascinating idea.

I disagree with some of the comments on how impossible it is to judge all PNMs on a universal scale. Of course some PNMs will fit/gravitate/be loved by some chapters more than others, but this is about averages.

The main problem I see is whether the RFM specialist will allow carry figures to adjust according to the forced release of 20% of the PNM population by one chapter. Since Panhellenic groups have very little real ability to enforce adherence to RFM, I would think that this would be one area they could use to punish a chapter for not abiding. If you don't adjust the carry figures to account for a Q=20 instead of a Q=25, you screw Chapter 1 into a pledge class of 5 new members when everyone else has 25.

The second issue is whether one chapter has the ability to skew the PNM population like that - if there's another WRC, they might be encouraged to carry most of those PNMs, thus keeping all of the original quota figures intact.

There's another interesting question in here: do the WRCs in a Greek system benefit when there is some selectivity of the WHOLE Greek system? I'm thinking of an Indiana vs. the rest of the world kind of scenario. Are the WRCs better off on campuses where being any kind of Greek is prestigious? Some schools consider being independent better than being in a WRC, so where is the incentive for PNMs to stick it out when that's all they have left?
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