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Where did you live near Philly Lil_ChiO_Lady, and what school did you go to in Texas? One of my dearest friends lived here in Philly and then went to UTEP for college. She was a Chi O there, although the chapter has now closed! She has nearly the same story as you

Originally posted by Lil_ChiO_Lady
I was in the same shoes as your sister..I came from out of state from the eastcoast as well (Philly) and I moved to Texas...I didn't know much about Greeks and was a little worried about the whole "RUSH THING"..It seemed difficult in the beginning b/c getting referances for me was a pain in the ass to get and I was truely worried b/c I thought these girls are gonna look at me differently for not being a local and I know nothing about the city and OMG,lol...

She just has to be herself going into rush and not stress it, there isn't a disadvantage to being from out-of-state unless you make it a negative..They really get very interested knowing a rushee is not from around the area..They take advantage of that fact and welcome you with open arms..

I found out it was such an easy outlet in conversations.It helped me to talk about myself and my background and they learned so much about me and it really helped for them and I to make my decision in choosing of where I wanted to be..So in my opinion it was actually easier to be from out of state and also you don't know anyone from your high school that you may already have pre-concieved notions about.It is starting anew and making a great impression on these ppl who are gonna be your lifelong friends.I have found myself to be a more confident,outgoing person with leadership skills that I never thought I had.It is pretty BADASS!

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