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Ooh what a tricky little topic this is.

I have conflicting thoughts on this, so bear with me.

1. in my case, I pref'd the 2 "best" sororities, and then the "weak". I chose the smaller "weaker" sorority b/c I am a girl that LOVES to be in the center of attention, and I like to speak out and be heard. Part of my decision process was that I knew I would be able to stand out better, be better able to hold offices, etc. in the latter. I TOTALLY agree that sororities that seem weak may not really be, conversely, strong, may not be strong. After being in my chapter for 6 years, I would not change a thing. I have realized that I have probably worked harder for my sorority than anything else in my life, and it has made me a world of a better person for it. And in that work, I have found the beauty and strength of my so-called weak chapter.

2. AND , in the last few years, i have seen the TOPS go down a bit, the BOTTOMS come up a bit, and like college, realized collegiate sorority life is cylical, and is constantly evolving every four years.

3. On the other hand, I don't think everybody goes where they are meant to be. I rushed with my real sister, we never discussed ANYTHING, b/c we wanted to make our own decisions.
She made a bad choice, in the way that her chapter did not support her when mine would have, and she regrets that she had not chose differently. It's all in the chapter and the person.

4. And possibly most important, is that the conundrum of RUSH is that it's just that! You are forced, as a PNM and Member, to judge a person in a very short period of time. Which sux. My feelings on this have always been is that A) My mom's friends didn't know everything about me coming out of high school, and had they known every stupid thing i did, would have not given me a rec. (Thank God they did) B) Anyone can put on a front for a week, and look like an angel with a good resume, and C) for the most part most girls could be molded into excellent, upstanding women with the right help. (Does this come from sororities? You be the judge) Some just need the right peer pressure.

Ok. Now I'm babbling. Lost my point somewhere in there. Hopefully you'll be able to suss it out.
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