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Originally Posted by AUAZD2001 View Post
This seems a lot like how high school students apply so multiple colleges ranging from their dream campus to "safety schools." I have a feeling a HIGH percentage (95%+?) of students who don't get accepted to their first (or even second or third) choice still go on to college SOMEWHERE and have a pretty great experience.
This makes me wonder about a lot of things. At the majority of schools, the sorority experience is pretty much the same in all the chapters, so it's not as if your experience is going to be sub-par whether you receive a bid to your #1, #2, or #3 choice in the end.

That's why the phrase "I don't feel like I fit" rubs me the wrong way. Especially when a PNM is at a school where the chapters are averaging over 150 women. How does one "not fit" with a group of 150 people? I think the same could be said for a chapter that large saying a particular PNM "doesn't fit."
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