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Originally Posted by 28StGreek View Post
Exactly my point this is the crux that shows ultimately its the chapter that has the power to choose which PNMs they want, and if a PNM matches then its mutual selection.

Chapters are the only ones who can give out a bid. Therefore they're the ones who have a much greater factor in the selection process.

I know there are the ends of the bell curve where a everybody's rush crush with more invites than parties available has all the power to choose. I know of one girl who had two older sisters who were chapter alumna, including one who was the President, yet she preffed at a different house because she just connected with those girls better.

And then on the GLO side, at the lower end of the spectrum to put it bluntly they list as many girls as they hope to get to try and meet quota. I know that isn't how it happens everywhere, but it is a harsh truth at some chapters.
You don't have to be at the ends of the bell curve to have power as a PNM. Girls in the middle get to choose as well. Say PNM Polly goes back to three mid performing chapters and is well liked by all three. She is very happy with them all. This is an extremely common occurrence since in bell curves, this is the middle hump. PNM Polly has her choice of the three chapters. They all rank Polly very high, on their first bid lists in fact. In this case, Polly gets all the power, since she can choose where she goes. Whatever she ranks #1 will be her new sorority even if #2 or 3 would fit her better or would kill to have her. You are just blinded by the worst case scenarios.


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