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Originally Posted by 28StGreek View Post
Yes. Regardless of everything else, ultimately the chapters are the ones who want to put a PNM on their bid list. While not strictly true to the definition, the chapters would be see as an oligopoly, since they're the only ones which can provide the product (i.e. a bid), and as such they definitely hold the power in the relationship between a chapter and a PNM.

It becomes mutual when a chapter's bidlist and PNM preference list match up. And I suppose in a way more and more mutual towards the end of recruitment.

But in the early days of the process the chapters definitely are choosing.
I disagree. This only holds true for the strongest chapters - but it also holds true for the strongest PNMs. I think DubaiSis mentioned it before, that if you're a weaker PNM or a weaker chapter (comparatively), then you won't have quite the pick of your favorites, but you definitely have some choice. If you are the weakest chapter or weakest PNM, you'll have the least amount of choice.

Again, I'm betting that the vast majority of PNMs are able to regret at least ONE chapter in the first round, if not more. And I'd bet that almost every PNM is able to regret at least one chapter by the end of the recruitment, if not more.

We hear much more about PNMs being upset about being released from a chapter because there are hundreds of PNM stories for every handful of sorority stories. Besides, sororities don't air their laundry about how upset they are that they lost Suzy Perfect Legacy after Round 2 - but it happens ALL THE TIME. I think the sororities are just better about not getting hung up on the lost PNMs, and instead focus on the PNMs they still have.

Again, someone mentioned flex lists on the part of the chapters. Those invitation lists aren't set in stone- additional PNMs can be released or added to the invitation list if a chapter does better or worse than expected.
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