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Originally Posted by carnation View Post
There are many of us who desperately wish that NPC would tell the schools to be upfront about that. Every year, we watch these girls go off to the SEC schools saying that they're only "rushing for" certain groups and then the debacle begins after second parties.
My personal recruitment experience benefited from having 2 older siblings and 1 older cousin having gone through recruitment at the same school previously. So I definitely knew the reality of the process. After the PC rose tinted glasses have been taken off.

I just can't help but wonder with all the resources/scary stories on the internet now, that some girls going to the really competitive SEC, Big12 (+ SMU) schools not to mention FSU, Arizona, Southern Cal (and maybe even Cornell) that they don't have a realistic expectation. I guess every girl wants to believe they are the best and will be everyone's rush crush, but thats just a recipe for disappointment for the vast majority of PNMs
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