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Originally Posted by WCsweet<3 View Post
I really like the idea of seeing the invites and then choosing. Two questions though:

1. How does it work? The chapters on my campus are matched with a specific PNM who comes to a party. Basically Patty PNM is matched with Sorority Sue at XYZ during party one. Would the PNM see her invites, choose and come back later for her schedule or what?
It was my understanding that some campuses still do this, and yes - basically just like that. The PNMs meet with their Rho Whatevers in the morning, sit down at a computer and see their invitations for that day and decide who to go back to, and who to regret. In that case, they truly are 'cutting' a chapter because they've already received invitations. My concern with this is two-fold: 1) logistically, it seems like such a waste of time to do this the day of parties (which means a potential time crunch in determining party schedules, and less time for chapters to prepare for the returning PNMs) when they could have PNMs rank while the chapters are ranking. and 2) Yes, I would expect that tent talk would play a greater role when the PNMs have an entire evening back at the dorms to gossip before they have to make their final decisions.

I think it shouldn't be too hard for Panhellenics to take 5 minutes to explain that chapters decide who to invite back, while PNMs are ranking their preferred returns. Chapters have limited numbers of invitations, so not everyone can be invited back to every chapter. You will be matched for the next round with chapters that have invited you back, in order of your preference. Now, whether the PNMs understand and choose to hear it is another issue.

Something that might help the whole situation is an additional print-out showing the results of the previous day's matching, in addition to their party schedule, for example:

#1 - ABC - Invitation / Return
#1 - BCD - Invitation / Return
#1 - CDE - No Invitation
#1 - DEF - Invitation / Return
#2 - FGH - Invitation / Return
#3 - GHI - Invitation / No Return

Party Schedule:
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