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Should we change the way PNMs think of Recruitment?

Hey y'all! Sorry for being missing in the wilderness but school/life has been seriously busy for me. The curse of the upperclassman as graduation approaches!

Caveat: Forgive me if this idea has been covered ad nauseaum/is a fire starter, I do not mean to tread on any toes or upset anyone!

I was just watching re-runs of Next Top Model the other day and I had a thought. If you take out the shallow perceptions, the process for entry into both are pretty similar. You have a whole bunch of girls who are very similarly qualified. A few who absolutely stand out and a few who just won't make it for one reason or another.

But at the end of the day even though all the girls want to be part of the top model competition its the Judges that make the decisions as to who gets into the top model house.

The term 'mutual selection' may give the PNMs the impression that their choices are equally important. However the reality is that the GLO chooses you, and if your preferences match then that's the mutual selection part
I know PNMs should be more rational about these things, but we all know
that Recruitment can bring out the most irrational thought processes in some of these young women.

As harsh, and non-egalitarian as it sounds, perhaps there needs to be more emphasis on the fact that dozens to a 100+ girls are the ones choosing the PNM rather than the other way around?

Well thats my rambling, feel free to add your two-cents!

I hope all the GCers are well and especially my Trojan family

Panhellenic Love,
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