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I went to UF with my best friends from high school but I didn't know one Greek soul. I doubt that had any effect on whether I got a bid or not, b/c even in the most competitive Greek systems, it boils down to whether or not you like the sorority and they like you. I knew absolutely nothing about Greek life but I clicked with the girls. All your sister has to do is learn as much as she can about each of the sororities during rush and just be herself. Seriously, I think many houses consider it more important to have someone who is fun and well-rounded and would make a good contribution to the house than a girl who has her nose in the air and is snobby but is beautiful. These are going to be your sisters, after all, not your cover girls...I'm sure you know that, being in a sorority yourself. Knowing other girls is a nice reassurance during such a stressful week but is by no means necessary.

AphaPhiCutie, it's so funny that you refer to Recruitment Week as "Hell Week," too. It was the hardest, longest week, and if any frat guy ever has the nerve to think that we didn't "earn" our initiations b/c our pledge periods were easy, then they obviously do not understand how taxing "water parties" can be.

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